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St. Mark’s/St. George’s Church


St. Mary Magdalene

Anglican Church of Canada

All are welcome here, and we invite you to participate in our Anglican community.

Welcome to St. Mary Magdalene


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at 2950 Laurel St. at W. 14th



     10:30 am       Community Eucharist



     7:00 pm         Contemplative                                        Eucharist



     2:00 pm         Centering Prayer








Baptismal Bowl

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2950 Laurel St. at West 14th Ave.






St. Mary Magdalene is a welcoming and inclusive community. We affirm a vision of Christianity as ‘a path and practice’.

We invites individuals to experience the sacred in themselves, in community and in creation.


St. Mary Magdalene seeks to offer an alternative communal vision which is grounded in social justice, compassion and intentional hospitality.


Creative, inclusive worship lies at the heart of our corporate life and is central to our identity.


We celebrate the interdependency of creation and community in all of their diversity as a response to the prophetic biblical call “do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God”.  (see Micah 6)



A service in the Sanctuary.Text Box: If you wish to rent space at St. Mark’s Place, 
1805 Larch St. at W. 2nd Ave., click on 
or e-mail stmarkkits@telus.net                                                              or phone 604-736-2838

St. Mary Magdalene’s Church      Phone:  604-877-1788                 Weekly Schedule: Sunday       10:30 am   Community Mass

mailing address:                                     Fax:      604-736-2845                                                   Monday         7:00 pm   Centering Prayer

2950 Laurel Street,                                 E-mail: office@stmarymags.ca                                     Wednesday   7:00 pm   Contemplative Eucharist

Vancouver, BC                                       www.stmarymags.ca                                                      Thursday      2:00 pm   Centering Prayer

Canada, V5Z 3T3